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Responsive Web Design Services
PPC Service
Responsive Web Design Services

PPC can be the most effective way of advertising

Google Ads the (Pay per Click) from Google is known for being an effective way of online advertising in which the advertisers have to pay only when a person clicks their ad.The world has become digital in everything, so has the advertising space. Earlier the businesses used traditional forms of advertising like Direct Mail, TV, Radio and Print Media etc.But as the world digitally evolved, gradually the advertising space transformed itself from traditional methods to digital methods of advertising.

Every online business is keen to achieve and sustain 1st page rankings on the search engine results for the business growth. One of the very popular ways of online advertising nowadays is Pay-Per-Click Marketing. This necessitates the existence of an effective PPC campaign management to be in place. Who else can achieve this than 75way Technologies, an expert PPC management company!

Being a PPC marketer, we relentlessly find ways to make sure that our clients get the desired results. We try getting more exposure and increased qualified traffic for them which will definitely lead to more conversions of profit.

How do PPC Advertising Services work?

A Digital Marketing Company offering PPC Advertising(Pay Per Click Advertising) Services will do the following:-

  • Researching your business related keywords and then identifying those that are cost effectively and have the most useful for your business.
  • Then the keywords that were already choosing are carefully tested, in order to make sure they give the right results in the google search engine.

ppc advertising services

We Build Relationships!
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How Our PPC Campaign Management Services will Enhance Your Business Growth

  • Increased sales leads and conversions
  • Better sales leads and conversions
  • Improved bottom-lines
  • Improved sales performance
  • SEO insights
  • Branding benefits
  • Effective offensive against competition

Our PPC services includes more than just providing AdWords management services it incorporates all marketing networks that yield the best returns ranging from paid social to paid search.

In total, with us, you will not only get help in enhancing your online presence but you will also get to create powerful online campaigns with in-depth research.

Our reports will help you find out all the insights regarding your market and create strategies accordingly.


We always try to have a smart strategy which is flawlessly implemented are two key factors required for a successful PPC campaign. Our in-house team of experts are knowledgeable with all aspects of Google AdWords management and getting the best out of them for your business.

Proprietary Software

We have proprietary software that traces, corroborates & informs about real-time sales leads through a user-friendly dashboard and gives information of every minute sales. This helps in optimizing your PPC campaign & offers a cutting-edge advantage over your competitors in your business.


We have transparent and open dealings with our clients. Our managers keep the client continuously informed on the details of planning & execution of the strategy which gives him a guarantee of his money being well spent.

If you're in this latter group and need help with your website's Advertising, be sure to Contact Us

Our motto is to devise a campaign that ensures a wise spend of your investment by targeting the apt keywords and producing best results. We know that each of your business has its own budget limitations and therefore all our efforts are directed on how to provide the best strategy which is well within your budget limits and your business strategy.